French Open

Betting on Tennis

Tennis is only second behind football for popularity when it comes to betting and it is not surprising when you consider how many competitions and tournaments take place every year. While many will be contested for by players you have never heard of if you are new to the sport, the grand slam events are always of interest to even the most casual of tennis fan.

The French Open has the added cachet of being the only grand slam event that takes place on clay and tests the players in a way that none of the others do. The Wimbledon Championships obviously has its own unique charm as well – and the US Open and Australian Open have their own distinct qualities – but Paris in late May and early June has an attraction all of its own.

Whether you are a newcomer to the sport or a long time fan, learning how to bet online on an event like the French Open can bring a whole extra element to the enjoyment of the tournament. The French Open is obviously an exciting enough event on its own merit but having a bet on the competition adds to the interest for any fan.

By using this guide you will hopefully have some extra information when it comes to making those all important bets. Obviously you will need to keep updated with all the latest news and previews as the tournament gets nearer next year, but this will hopefully serve as a handy starting point for your strategy for making some money from the competition.

We have concentrated largely on the men’s and women’s singles competitions in the French Open but there is much more to the event than just those two categories. If you do know more about the history of the doubles game then use that knowledge to your advantage. It is always the less popular betting markets that hold the biggest value and not as much is known about some of the individuals.

Everyone knows that Novak Djokovic is the best player in the world (although it is no guarantee that he will win the title next year – that is the beauty of sport). But if you are able to do your research on the doubles game then you could be in line for a nice winning return.
Whoever you end up betting on the 2017 French Open will once again be one of the highlights of the tennis year – and if you can win a few quid on it then that just makes it even better!