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US Open 2017


The US Open has been home to some of the greatest tennis rivalries and top champions for over a century. The US Open 2017 promises to live up to the lofty expectations of it, with champions such as Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Serena Williams on display. Don’t miss out on one of the most revered tournaments in sporting history, in one of the most beautiful sports in the world to watch.

The following attempts to set the backdrop on the US Open 2017 and give betters all the information they require to make informed bets in the future. Use these tips to push the US Open odds in your favor and win a bundle of money with your next bet!



When is US Open 2017 going to take place?

The US Open 2017 is scheduled to begin on the 28th of August and finish on September 10th. The tournament will be the 136th edition of the tournament, which is the only grand slam to be held continuously throughout the years.

The US Open 2017 is expected to bring in a record prize pool of $50,000,000 dollars with as much as 4.5 Million dollars going to the winner of the men’s and women’s singles draws. The tournament is also expected to witness one of the final US Open chances for all-time great Roger Federer as well as Rafael Nadal. Novak Djokovic is expected to be a favorite for the tournament alongside current number 2 in the world Andy Murray.

The doubles fixtures are also expected to increase in prize money and draw in a good crowd at the US Open 2017. While not at the same level of the singles draws, the doubles game have been able to bring in crowd for the Finals consistently in the past few years.

The US Open is likely to have one of its best years ever in 2017, both in attendance and prize money. Expect rivalries to be rehashed and upsets to be had in all 5 forms of the game.

US Open – The History

The US Open is an annual tennis tournament that dates back all the way to 1881 giving it over 135 years of history. The US Open is one of four grand slam tennis titles played over the course of a year, going alongside the Australian Open, Wimbledon and the French Open.
The tournament is organized by the UTSA and is currently held on outdoor hard courts at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows – Corona Park, New York City, United States. The last edition of the US Open was able to generate a prize money purse of 46.3 Million dollars, with the winner of the men’s and women’s singles titles taking down 3.5 Million dollars each.

The US Open is played during a two-week period from late August to September, and is chronologically the last of the four Grand Slam tournaments of the tennis season since 1987. The tournament kicks off on the last Monday in August, and lasts for two weeks into September, with the middle weekend always coinciding with the Labor Day holiday.
The main tournament consists of five separate event championships: men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. Additional tournaments for senior, junior and wheelchair players are also held at the US Open.

Past Venues

The USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center hasn’t always been the home of the US Open; the tournament was first held in Newport from 1881–1914 and then was moved to Forest Hills from 1915–1920, and then 1924–1977, and had a brief stint in Philadelphia from 1921–1923 until finally finding it’s home at Billie Jean King Tennis Center in New York.

Newport Casino

As the original venue of the US Open, the Newport Casino has a rich history with the event. The courts used in the first few US Opens were grass courts, which are much different to the acrylic hard courts which are used currently at the US Open.
The first US Open was won by Richard Sears who went on to win the titles 7 years in a row which is still the record for the most number of consecutive wins of the US Open.
From 1884 to 1911 the tournament used what is known as a challenge system whereby the defending champion automatically qualifies for the next year’s final, where he plays the winner of the all-comers tournament.

In the first few years of the US Open was named the United States National Championship and only men were allowed to compete at the tournament. Six years after the men’s national championships first held the first official U.S. Women’s National Singles Championship was held at the Philadelphia Cricket Club in 1887. The women’s championship also used the challenge system.

In 1915 it was decided that the US Open will be moved to the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills, New York after a 100 players petitioned in favor of a move. After much debate the USNLTA, the body in charge, took a vote which passed in favor of moving the venue of the tournament.

West Side Tennis Club

The US Open was played at the West Side Tennis Club from 1915 to 1977 except for a brief stint at the Germantown Cricket Club in Philadelphia. The move to Philadelphia was made due to renovations that took place in order to house 14,000 in the West Side Tennis Club.
The tournament continued to use the challenge system until 1968, when the open system was adopted. The adoption of the Open system merged all 5 events together, bringing women’s tennis and men’s tennis to the same tournament for the first time. In the first Open era US Open, 96 men and 63 women entered the event, and prize money totaled $100,000.
In 1973 the US Open became the first tournament to have equal prize money distributed to both the winner of the men’s singles competition and the women’s singles competition. John Newcombe and Margaret Court both received $25,000 that year for winning the Open.

Current Venue

USTA National Tennis Center

In 1978 the tournament moved from the West Side Tennis Club to the much larger USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows which was only three miles away. As a result, the tournament switched the court surface from clay, which was used in the last three years at Forest Hills, to hard courts which have been used ever since. Jimmy Connors became the only individual to have won US Open men’s singles titles on all three surfaces (grass, clay, hard court).

From 1984 through 2015, the U.S. Open created a concept known as “Super Saturday”, in which the Women’s singles final is held on Saturday, in between the two Men’s singles semi-finals. The men’s final is scheduled to be played the next day, on Sunday. While this strategy was based in trying to boost TV audiences it became tough on players who only got one day’s rest between the semifinals and finals. Since this introduction the tournament has managed to find an extra rest day, due to bad weather where the men’s final has either been rescheduled for Monday or the semi final rescheduled for Friday.

The main court at the USTA National Tennis Center is the 22,547-seat Arthur Ashe Stadium, which opened in 1997. The stadium is named after Arthur Ashe, who was the winner of the inaugural men’s final at the US Open in 1968.

The next largest court at the USTA National Tennis Center is the Louis Armstrong Stadium, which was opened back in 1978 as an extreme renovation of the Singer Bowl Stadium. The Louis Armstrong Stadium was the main stadium from 1978 to 1996 for the US Open.
The third largest court is the 6,000 seater ‘Grandstand,’ which was created by the leftover excess seating when the Louis Armstrong Stadium was built from the Singer Bowl.
In 2011 another court, Court 17, was opened as a fourth show court, with a large television screen and the electronic line calling feature which allowed for players to challenge the umpire’s calls. Court 17 initially held 2,500 with temporary stands, but now allows over 3000 people.

Court Type

The court surface changed twice, from the grass of 1881–1974, to clay 1975–1977, and then to hard courts which have been used since 1978.

The current court type for the US Open is made of Decoturf. A decoturf court is constructed with layers of acrylic, rubber, silica, and other materials which are assembled on top of an asphalt or concrete base. This type of surface has slightly less friction which produces a lower bounce than other types of hard courts. For this reason serve and volley players have found a great amount of success at the US Open since the change in 1978.

Recent Attendance

The attendance at the US Open has been phenomenal in the past few years with most courts selling out their seats especially at the tail end of the tournament. The highest attendance for the tournament came in at 721,059 in 2009 but has been hitting the 700,000 mark consistently in all the years following.

It is expected that the US Open 2017 will produce similar numbers and perhaps even surpass the mark set in 2009.



Changes in the Game Over The Years

The men’s singles rules have undergone many changes since the original rules were adopted way back in 1881. From 1884 to 1911, the event used what is known as a knockout phase, where a winner of an All-Comers tournament faced off against the defending champion. The challenge round system was abolished with starting with the 1912 edition of the US National Men’s title.

All matches but the All-Comers final and the challenge Finals were played as the best-of-three sets during the first five years of the tournament from 1881-1886, until the event switched to best-of-five set matches. Until 1884, the winner of the next game at 5-5 took the set in every match except the All-Comers final and the challenge Finals, but changed to win by 2.

The tie-break system was introduced to the US Open in 1970 for all sets and all matches. It started off as a best-of-nine sudden death version until 1974, and then switched to what is used now, a first to 7 win by two points method. The US Open is the only grand slam to have a fifth set tie-break to decide the match, all other slams require a win by 2 games in the final set of a match.

In the year of 2006, the US Open introduced instant replay reviews of calls, using the Hawk-Eye computer system. With the instant replay reviews, each player is given three challenges per set plus an additional challenge during any tiebreak. The player keeps all existing challenges if the challenge is successful, however loses a challenge if unsuccessful.
Once a challenge is made, the official review is shown to the players in the form of a 3D model of the shot in question.

Much like the men’s game, the women’s game has undergone many changes over its long history at the US Open. Like in the men’s game 1888 through 1911 the event was played with a knockout concept where the All-Comers singles winner faced off against the defending champion in a challenge finals. Since the inception of the Women’s US National Championship in 1887 all matches have been played as the best-of-three sets, except between 1894 and 1901 where the challenge final and all-comers final were both 5-set fixtures.

US Open Prize Money

The prize money has increased over the years from a few thousand dollars to being with to now millions just for the winner of the singles events. The US Open has made a five-year agreement to increase the total prize money to about $50,000,000 by 2017. Which will pay out the winners of the singles tournaments for men’s and women’s over 4 million dollars each. The winners of the doubles and mixed doubles events receive significantly less money that the singles competition.

The prize money for men’s and women’s singles prize is equal at the US Open.
The following is the payout structure for the 2016 US Open, the numbers will increase for the US Open 2017:

Men’s Singles

Winner $ 3,500,000
Runner Up$ 1,750,000

Women’s Singles

Winner$ 3,500,000
Runner Up$ 1,750,000


Runner Up$310,000

Mixed Doubles

Runner Up$70,000



US Open Odds

Men’s Singles

US Open Odds 2016 to win Tournament from top 10:

N Djokovic11/10
G Monfils20/1
D Thiem66/1
A Murray6/4
K Nishikori25/1
L Pouille90/1
JM Del Potro14/1
J-W Tsonga40/1
S Wawrinka18/1
G Dimitrov66/1

As expected the US Open odds to win the tournament are favored greatly towards Novak Djokovic with 11/10. Andy Murray is also an extremely strong contender with 6/4 odds. These two players are most likely to meet in the Finals as the No 1. and No 2. seeds respectively.

Possible upsets may occur from players such as S Wawrinka, G Monfils of, JM Del Porto who have all been in good form leading up to the tournament.

The 2017 tournament will likely feature a healthy Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. This year Federer did not enter the US Open tournament and Nadal entered the tournament not feeling 100%. By next year, with good rehabilitation these two players could play a big part in how the brackets for men’s single turn out. Expect both players to make it at least to the quarterfinals where they will likely face off against Murray or Djokovic.

Expect similar US Open odds in the 2017 tournament, however with some key players coming back from injuries the odds may grow for players such as Murray and Djokovic to win it all next year. Also expect some of the young players such as Milos Raonic to grow in stature and cause possible upsets in future US Opens, with his massive serve.

Women’s Singles

US Open Odds 2016 to win Tournament from top 10:

S Williams5/6
C Wozniacki16/1
R Vinci40/1
A Kerber3/1
Ka Pliskova20/1
C Suarez Navarro66/1
S Halep17/2
V Williams33/1
A Radwanska14/1
A Sevastova33/1

The US Open odds are greatly in favor of Serena Williams to take the US Open 2017 title. At only 5/6 odds she is clearly miles ahead of all her competitors with the next biggest favorite coming in at 3/1, A Kerber.

The women’s draw has been much harder to predict over the past few years with the only consistent player being Serena Williams. There is always the chance that her sister Venus will come out victorious with her proficiency on the hard courts of the US Open.



Greatest Rivalries

Over the years the US Open has been home to many of the game’s greatest rivalries. Tears have been shed and rivals have been conquered with many epic matches that will go down in the history books are some of the greatest in sports. The following are some of the most memorable and highly contested rivalries in the US Open history.


The Sampras vs. Agassi feud is one like no other in the history of sports. The two players were both at their prime when they faced off against each other in multiple US Opens. It was Pete Sampras how go the final laugh with three wins over Agassi in US Open Finals. The duo’s duels have been well documented in other Grand Slams as well, but hit fever pitch when competing in the US Open.

Sampras, regarded by most as the greatest player to have ever played, was a serve and volley expert who was perfectly suited for the low bouncing hard court surfaces. Agassi on the other hand loved to play on the baseline and is considered by many experts as the greatest returner of serves that ever played.

With both players executing to their strength this rivalry was a crowd favorite, especially with Agassi making press statements, calling out Sampras. The boisterous Agassi, known for being a bad boy of tennis, had the tendency to fan the flame with Sampras, which only added to the spice when the two met in Grand Slams.

Of the four times they met in the US Open, three times they met in the finals, in 1990, 1995, and 2002, but strangely their quarterfinal match in 2001 might have been the best of them all. Sampras was on the back end of his career and had fallen to the number 10 position in the world whereas Agassi was still in top form.
All four sets went to a tiebreaker, Agassi captured the first one, but the dominant serving Sampras won the final three to give him the win. This victory marked the end of a great rivalry and showed that Sampras had Agassi’s number despite not being in the best playing form.


These two players need no introduction– both have been named among the greatest players that ever lived. The two have dueled in every Grand Slam and the US Open in no exception. The elegant Federer vs. the dominant Djokovic draws in a crowd that only the two names put together are capable of.

Djokovic is currently at the top of the tennis world but this wasn’t always the case. Federer was long considered the best and for a long time no one stood in his way. It wasn’t until the likes of Djokovic and Nadal came along to contest the world number one that tennis became interesting to watch again. From a sea of Federer wins, it seemed possible that there were now challengers in the mix.

Djokovic and Federer first met in the US Open in 2007, where they matched up in the finals. The top-ranked Federer prevailed over the Serbian in straight sets without much of a fight. Federer went on to top Djokovic in the 2008 and 2009 semifinals, asserting his dominance over the youngster.

It was 2010 when the turnaround happened. In 2010, Djokovic was able to defeat Federer for the first time at the US Open. He then translated that into another victory over the great Swede in the 2011 US Open. It was that meeting 5 years ago at the 2011 US Open that took this rivalry to the next level.

In 2011, Djokovic had finally put an end to the Federer-Nadal era of dominance and established himself as the best player in the game with a monstrous 70–6 record in the 2011 season. When the US Open came along, Federer had been the only player to have taken a match off of Djokovic in a Grand Slam.

The match started off great for Federer, winning the first two sets handily and transferring all the pressure onto Djokovic. It was from there that Djokovic made one of the greatest comebacks in US Open History.

Djokovic came back to win the third and fourth sets quite easily, forcing a fifth and final set. Federer however, was in no mood to lose and quickly found himself up 5-3 in the final set and chance to win the match with two match points. Djokovic staved off elimination by winning the next two points and then Djokovic completed the break to send the score to 5-4. He would go on to win the final four games over a stunned Federer and take the match. Djokovic would eventually beat Nadal in the finals to win his first US Open title.


The Williams sisters dominated the sport of tennis in the 2000’s and continue to be among the best players in the world. As the sisters are such great players they from time to time end up meeting at Grand Slam finals, the US Open in particular has been a stomping grounds for the two. Although siblings this rivalry is nothing short of spectacular when they step onto the courts in New York.

The two sisters have 8 US Opens between them since 199 which is equal to the rest of the women’s field combined. Their first meeting in at the US Open Finals was in 2001 where a then 21-year-old Venus beat her 19-year-old sister in straight sets. By the time the 2002 US Open came by the next year, Serena had improved her game greatly and had just come off a victory in both the French Open and at Wimbledon. In the 2002 US Open Finals, Serena got her revenge as she beat her sister in straight sets to win her first US Open.

The two met once again in 2005, in a 4th round matchup, that resulted in a Venus win. It wasn’t until 3 years later that Serena was again able to pull the series back to a tie when she beat Venus in the Quarterfinals on the way to winning the US Open title yet again. This match was probably their most fiercely contested with Venus actually winning more points that Serena in the match, but Serena won the points that mattered to take her past her sister.

These two American sisters will forever be one of the greatest rivalries to take place on US soil.

Past Winners


Winners and Runner Ups in Open Era

Men’s Singles

YearNatChampionNatRunner Up
1968USAArthur AsheNEDTom Okker
1969AUSRod LaverAUS Tony Roche
1970AUS Ken RosewallAUS Tony Roche
1971USAStan SmithTCHJan Kodeš
1972ROUIlie NăstaseUSAArthur Ashe
1973AUSJohn NewcombeTCHJan Kodeš
1974USAJimmy ConnorsAUSKen Rosewall
1975ESPManuel OrantesUSAJimmy Connors
1976USAJimmy ConnorsSWEBjörn Borg
1977ARGGuillermo VilasUSAJimmy Connors
1978USAJimmy ConnorsSWEBjörn Borg
1979USA John McEnroeUSAVitas Gerulaitis
1980USA John McEnroeSWEBjörn Borg
1981USAJohn McEnroeSWEBjörn Borg
1982USAJimmy ConnorsTCHIvan Lendl
1983USAJimmy ConnorsTCH Ivan Lendl
1984USAJohn McEnroeTCHIvan Lendl
1985TCHIvan LendlUSAJohn McEnroe
1986TCHIvan LendlTCHMiloslav Mecir
1987TCHIvan LendlSWEMats Wilander
1988SWEMats WilanderTCHIvan Lendl
1989FRGBoris BeckerTCH Ivan Lendl
1990USA Pete SamprasUSAAndre Agassi
1991SWEStefan EdbergUSA Jim Courier
1992SWEStefan EdbergUSA Pete Sampras
1993USA Pete SamprasFRA Cédric Pioline
1994USA Andre AgassiGER Michael Stich
1995USAPete SamprasUSAAndre Agassi
1996USAPete SamprasUSAMichael Chang
1997AUSPatrick RafterGBRGreg Rusedski
1998AUSPatrick RafterAUSMark Philippoussi
1999USAAndre AgassiUSATodd Martin
2000RUSMarat SafinUSAPete Sampras
2001AUSLleyton HewittUSAPete Sampras
2002USAPete SamprasUSAAndre Agassi
2003USAAndy RoddickESPJuan Carlos Ferrero
2004SUIRoger FedererAUSLleyton Hewitt
2005SUI Roger FedererUSAAndre Agassi
2006SUIRoger FedererUSAAndy Roddick
2007SUIRoger FedererSRBNovak Djokovic
2008SUIRoger FedererGBRAndy Murray
2009ARGJuan del PotroSUIRoger Federer
2010ESPRafael NadalSRBNovak Djokovic
2011SRBNovak DjokovicESPRafael Nadal
2012GBRAndy MurraySRBNovak Djokovic
2013ESPRafael NadalSRBNovak Djokovic
2014CROMarin CilicJPNKei Nishikori
2015SRBNovak DjokovicSUIRoger Federer

Most US Open Men’s Singles Championships

The record for the most US Open men’s titles is a three way tie between Roger Federer, Pete Sampras and Jimmy Connors who each won the title 5 times.

Roger Federer – 2004–2008
Pete Sampras – 1990, 1993, 1995–1996, 2002
Jimmy Connors – 1974, 1976, 1978, 1982–1983

Roger Federer holds the record for most consecutive titles with 5 in a row from 2004 to 2008.

Legendary Champions:

Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras make a strong case for the greatest player ever. The former world number 1 is a 5 time winner of the US Open and is considered one of the most dominant hard court players of all-time. As one of the best exponents of the serve and volley, Sampras was able to use the faster hard court surfaces to his advantage by not letting the ball hit the ground. With 14 Grand Slams in total, Sampras was able to break the record for the most number of Grand Slams until his record was broken by Roger Federer.

Sampras had many iconic matches in the US Open with some of the top players at the time. His rivalry with Andre Agassi and his battles with the great Michael Chang were some of the most entertaining and hard fought matches in the history of the US Open.

Sampras has an overall record of 5-3 at US Open finals, with losses coming against Stefan Edberg in 1992, Marat Safin in 2000, and Lleyton Hewitt in 2001. Sampras was able to finish at the US Open on a high note in 2002, when he beat Andre Agassi in the Finals. It was his last US Open Finals and one with which he tied the record for the most US Open titles in the open era.

Many experts consider Pete Sampras to be the greatest hard court player to ever live, and thus the greatest US Open Champion of the open era. With that signature serve and ability to volley like no other player of his generation, there isn’t much argument.

Richard Sears

Richard Sears played all the way back in the 1880’s and is considered one of the best players in the challenge era. Sears went undefeated at the US Open, winning the title 7 consecutive years. Do to the structure of the tournament back then Sears only had to play the Finals of each tournament after he won the first one.

Sears won his first US Open titles in 1881 while he was still a student at Harvard at the age of 19 years old. During his first three years Sears didn’t even drop a set on his route to winning the US Open, showing his class over the field. He was able to put together an 18 match winning streak, which was the record until topped by Bill Tilden 30 years later. Richard Sears was inducted into the Tennis Hall of Fame in 1955, giving recognition to a great career.
Richard Sears holds the record for the most US Open Championships and the most consecutive championships with 7. He will always be remembered as the undefeatable US player, who was miles ahead of the competition.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer needs no introduction. He is widely considered the greatest player that has ever played the game and will forever be one of the most breathtaking talents in any sport. His record breaking 17 Grand Slam titles, makes him also the most decorated tennis player of all time. Federer was able to capture the US Open 5 times in the Open era, which he did in consecutive years, which are record on both accounts.

Roger Federer’s overall record in US Open Finals is 5-2, after losses to Juan del Potro in 2009 and a recent loss to Novak Djokovic in 2015. Federer is a legend in almost all of the Grand Slam titles barring the French Open which he has only managed to take down once. His run from 2004-2008 at the US Open is one of the great achievements by any player in the Open era and will be an almost impossible record to take away from him for future players.

Federer is in the twilight of his career at the moment but is still considered one of the top contenders for the US Open title. Although not playing in the tournament in 2016 due to an injury, Federer should be primed and ready come the US Open 2017. If he is back to full strength there is no telling if Federer will be able to add to his already amazing legacy at the US Open.

Women’s Singles

1968GBRVirginia WadeUSA Billie Jean King
1969AUS Margaret CourtUSANancy Richey
1970AUSMargaret CourtUSARosemary Casals
1971USABillie Jean KingUSARosemary Casals
1972USABillie Jean KingAUSKerry Melville Reid
1973AUSMargaret CourtAUSEvonne Goolagong Cawley
1974USABillie Jean KingAUSEvonne Goolagong Cawley
1975USA Chris EvertAUSEvonne Goolagong Cawley
1976USAChris EvertAUSEvonne Goolagong Cawley
1977USAChris EvertAUSWendy Turnbull
1978USAChris EvertUSAPam Shriver
1979USATracy AustinUSAChris Evert
1980USAChris EvertTCHHana Mandlíkova
1981USATracy AustinUSAMartina Navratilova
1982USAChris EvertTCHHana Mandlíkova
1983USAMartina NavratilovaUSAChris Evert
1984USAMartina NavratilovaUSAChris Evert
1985TCHHana MandlíkovaUSAMartina Navratilova
1986USAMartina Navratilova TCHHelena Suková
1987USA Martina NavratilovaFRG Steffi Graf
1988FRG Steffi GrafARG Gabriela Sabatini
1989FRG Steffi GrafUSAMartina Navratilova
1990ARGGabriela SabatiniFRG Steffi Graf
1991YUGMonica SelesUSA Martina Navratilova
1992YUGMonica SelesESPArantxa Sánchez Vicario
1993GERSteffi GrafCZEHelena Suková
1994ESPArantxa VicarioGER Steffi Graf
1995GERSteffi GrafUSAMonica Seles
1996GERSteffi GrafUSA Monica Seles
1997SUIMartina HingisUSAVenus Williams
1998USALindsay DavenportSUIMartina Hingis
1999USASerena WilliamsSUIMartina Hingis
2000USAVenus WilliamsUSALindsay Davenport
2001USAVenus WilliamsUSASerena Williams
2002USASerena WilliamsUSAVenus Williams
2003BELJustine HeninBELKim Clijsters
2004RUS Svetlana KuznetsovaRUSElena Dementieva
2005BEL Kim ClijstersFRAMary Pierce
2006RUSMaria SharapovaBELJustine Henin
2007BELJustine HeninRUSSvetlana Kuznetsova
2008USASerena WilliamsSRBJelena Janković
2009BEL Kim ClijstersDEN Caroline Wozniacki
2010BEL Kim ClijstersRUSVera Zvonareva
2011AUSSamantha StosurUSASerena Williams
2012USASerena WilliamsBLRVictoria Azarenka
2013USASerena WilliamsBLRVictoria Azarenka
2014USASerena WilliamsDENCaroline Wozniacki
2015ITAFlavia PennettaITARoberta Vinci

Most US Open Women’s Singles Championships

The record for the most US Open women’s titles is a tie between Chris Evert and Serena Williams who have each won the title 6 times.

Chris Evert: 1975-1978, 1980, 1982
Serena Williams: 1999, 2002, 2008, 2012–2014

Chris Evert holds the record for most consecutive titles with 4 in a row from 1975 to 1978.

Legendary Champions:

Chris Evert

Chris Evert is a former number 1 tennis player hailing from the United States. Evert holds the record for the most number of US Open titles won in the Open era at 6 as well as the most consecutive titles with four from 1975-1978. Overall Evert won 157 singles championships and 32 doubles titles, she was also able to reach an astounding 34 Grand Slam finals the most by any player ever.

Chris Evert is considered by many to be the most dominant women’s tennis player of any era. She was awarded the Philippe Chatrier award and inducted into the Hall of Fame for her illustrious career. She was also a recipient of the Sports Illustrated ‘Sportswoman of the Year’ award in 1976.

Chris Evert’s overall record in US Open Finals is 6-3, with two losses coming to the great Martina Navratilova. The legacy of Evert is safe with her performances at the US Open, it will be a tough order for any future women’s players to top her records and dominate the US Open tournament in a similar fashion to that of Evert.

Serena Williams

Another legend who hasn’t even retired yet, Serena Williams is perhaps the greatest women’s tennis player of them all. The US Open has been her home stomping ground ever since she was 17, when she won her first finals against Monica Seles. Since then she has been able to add the US Open title five more times to her resume to become the joint record holder for the most US Open titles in the Open era with Chris Evert.

Williams is a favorite to add to her collection of US Open trophies and become the sole record holder for most US Open titles won. Her incredible serve and amazing speed allow her to take advantage of the faster paced hard court surfaces found at the US Open.
Her record in US Open Finals is 6-2 with her only losses coming from her sister Venus in 2002 and the Austrian Samantha Stosur in 2011.

Expect Williams to break the US Open record and build a legacy that will be hard to top. When Serena does decide to hand up her racquet, she will probably already have the position of greatest female player who played the game.

Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King is another absolute legend of the tennis world. As a former world number one and winner of 12 Grand Slam singles titles she has easily found herself in the Tennis Hall of Fame.

King was able to capture the US Open title four times in the years of 1967, 1971, 1972, and 1974. She had a fierce rivalry with other American great Martina Navratilova, which resulted in many heated battles in the Finals of the US Open. They did however join together to become one of the most dominant women’s double duos in US Open history.

Billie Jean King has an overall record of 4-1 and US Open finals only losing the once to Great Britain Virginia Wade in the inaugural Open Era tournament in 1968. Billie Jean King is such a huge part of the US Open that the current stadium that the US Open is played at in Flushing Meadows, New York is named the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. This signifies her great contribution to the US Open and tennis in general. The stadium’s name was changed on August 28, 2006.



Doubles at the US Open

Men’s Doubles, Women’s doubles and Mixed Doubles have all been fixtures at the US Open for quite some time now. While the prize pools and viewership aren’t as high as with the men’s and women’s singles draws, the doubles tournaments have had some great champions and thrilling matches in the past.

Men’s Doubles Winners Since 2000

2000AUSLleyton HewittRSA Ellis Ferreira
BEL Max MirnyiUS Rick Leach
2001ZIM Wayne BlackUS Donald Johnson
ZIM Kevin UllyettUS Jared Palmer
2002INDMahesh BhupathiCZHJiří Novák
BELMax MirnyiCZHRadek Štěpánek
2003SWE Jonas BjörkmanUS Mike Bryan
AUS Todd WoodbridgeUS Bob Bryan
2004BHS Mark KnowlesCZH David Rikl
CAN Daniel NestorIND Leander Paes
2005US Bob BryanBELMax Mirnyi
US Mike BryanSWEJonas Björkman
2006CZH Martin DammBEL Max Mirnyi
IND Leander PaesSWE Jonas Björkman
2007SWE Simon AspelinCZH Lukáš Dlouhý
AUS Julian KnowleCZH Pavel Vízner
2008US Bob BryanCZH Lukáš Dlouhý
US Mike BryanIND Leander Paes
2009CZH Lukáš DlouhýIND Mahesh Bhupathi
IND Leander PaesBHS Mark Knowles
2010USBob BryanPAKAisam-ul-Haq Qureshi
USMike BryanINDRohan Bopanna
2011AUS Jürgen MelzerPOL Mariusz Fyrstenberg
GER Philipp PetzschnerPOL Marcin Matkowski
2012US Bob BryanINDLeander Paes
US Mike BryanCZERadek Štěpánek
2013IND Leander PaesAUSAlexander Peya
CZERadek ŠtěpánekBRABruno Soares
2014US Bob BryanESP Marcel Granollers
US Mike BryanESP Marc López
2015FRA Pierre HerbertUK Jamie Murray
FRA Nicolas MahutAUS John Peers

The men’s double game has been especially competitive in the past 15 years with doubles specialists such as the Bryan Brothers and Leander Paes of India starting to emerge in the doubles scene. The ability of these players to play a team oriented tennis game has allowed them to capture the US Open titles many times and show the world that doubles tennis requires skills different to the singles game in order to be successful at the highest level.

US Open Doubles Legends

The Bryan Brothers

The Bryan brothers have long been the team to beat in the US Open men’s doubles competition. The Bryan Brothers are identical twin brothers Robert Charles “Bob” Bryan and Michael Carl “Mike” Bryan and are considered the most successful duo of all time. They have held the world number ranking for doubles for almost 500 weeks.

The Bryan Brothers have been able to win the US Open men’s doubles championship 5 times: in 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014. This is the record for US Open men’s double championships in the Open era.

The two brothers are known for the amazing communication and teamwork between them, almost playing as if they have the same mind. The tennis skills of the two brothers are also top notch, with both of them having brief stints in both singles and mixed doubles competitions.

The brothers are still playing and will surely be among the favorites for the US Open 2017. While the two brothers may not get the same recognition as the greats of the singles game, there is no doubt that the talent and greatness they posses in the doubles game will give them a position in the Tennis Hall of Fame one day.

Leander Paes

Leander Paes is an Indian tennis pro that has won a number of men’s double and mixed double titles in almost every grand slam. Three time winner of the US Open, in 2006, 2009 and 2013, Paes is considered to be one of the top doubles players of all time due to the fact he has won his titles with a number of different partners.

Paes won his latest US Open title in 2013 with Radek Štěpánek of the Czech Republic, and won his 2009 Us Open title with another Czech player, Lukáš Dlouhý. Paes’s first title in 2006 was won with yet another Czech partner, Martin Damm. His ability to win with multiple partners proved he was the required element in a winning doubles team.
Paes is known for his big serve and ability to play a team oriented form of doubles. His knowledge of the game is immense, over the 25 years he’s been a pro, which helps his partners grasp the doubles game.

Paes is still playing and should be considered one of the favorites for the upcoming 2017 tournament despite being 43 years of age. Regardless to which partner he shows up to the tournament with, Paes will definitely be shooting for the trophy.

US Open Women’s Doubles Winners since 2000

2000FRA Julie Halard-DecugisZIM Cara Black
JAP Ai SugiyamaRUS Elena Likhovtseva
2001US Lisa RaymondUS Kimberly Po-Messerli
AUS Rennae StubbsFRA Nathalie Tauziat
2002ESPVirginia PascualRUS Elena Dementieva
ARGPaola SuárezSLO Janette Husárová
2003ESP Virginia PascualRUS Svetlana Kuznetsova
ARG Paola SuárezUS Martina Navratilova
2004ESP Virginia PascualRUS Svetlana Kuznetsova
ARG Paola SuárezRUS Elena Likhovtseva
2005US Lisa RaymondITL Flavia Pennetta
AUS Samantha StosurRUS Elena Dementieva
2006FRA Nathalie DechyRUS Dinara Safina
RUS Vera ZvonarevaSLO Katarina Srebotnik
2007FRA Nathalie DechyCHI Chuang Chia-jung
RUS Dinara SafinaCHI Chan Yung-jan
2008ZIM Cara BlackUS Lisa Raymond
US Liezel HuberAUS Samantha Stosur
2009US Serena WilliamsZIM Cara Black
US Venus WilliamsUS Liezel Huber
2010US Vania KingUS Liezel Huber
KAZ Yaroslava ShvedovaRUS Nadia Petrova
2011US Liezel HuberUS Vania King
US Lisa RaymondKAZ Yaroslava Shvedova
2012ITLSara ErraniCZE Lucie Hradecká
ITLRoberta VinciCZE Andrea Hlaváčková
2013CZE Andrea HlaváčkováAUS Casey Dellacqua
CZE Lucie HradeckáAUS Ashleigh Barty
2014RUS Ekaterina MakarovaSWI Martina Hingis
RUS Elena VesninaITL Flavia Pennetta
2015SWI Martina HingisAUS Casey Dellacqua
IND Sania MirzaKAZ Yaroslava Shvedova

The women’s doubles game has evolved over the years into an extremely competitive form of tennis. Many of the elite singles players have found themselves taking part in the US Open women’s double tournament, with many of them going on to win it. Recently in 2015, Women’s tennis legend Martina Hingis teamed up with the Indian Sania Mirza to win the US Open Title. Although Hingis has not played competitively in the singles circuit in some years, she was able to change her game up and cater it more towards the doubles game. The Williams sisters have also had a great deal of success when entering the US Open doubles draw, with a win in 2009.

Expect more top female pros to enter the doubles bracket in the future, especially at the tail end of their careers.

US Open Doubles Legends

Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova has won more Grand slam titles than any other player in the history of tennis. After an incredibly successful singles career, Martina decided to focus on the doubles and mixed doubles game. She was able to win a whopping 9 US Open women’s double titles in 1977, 1978, 1980, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1989 and 1990. Her domination of the doubles circuit was no surprise considering what a talented player she was during her tenure in singles.

Martina played with a number of partners throughout her doubles career. Most notable of her partners was other women’s tennis legend Billie Jean King whose name the US Open stadium is named after. The two made a dream team for any tennis enthusiasts as they dominated opponents in the 1980’s. Martina went on to play with and win the US Open women’s double title with Pam Shriver, Gigi Fernández, and Betty Stöve, cementing her place as the best women’s double player of all time.

Due to the longevity of her career, Martina was able to become the most winningest player in tennis and was voted Tennis magazine’s greatest female tennis player for the years 1965 through 2005.

Martina is now a coach, after recently retiring. She finished with 56 Grand slam titles in total, a record that is likely to not be soon eclipsed.

Louise Brough & Margaret Osborne DuPont

Louise Brough & Margaret Osborne DuPont are legendary women’s double partners who were considered to be unbeatable in their tenure on top of the US Open women’s double circuit.

Longtime friends Margaret Osborne DuPont and Brough decided to team up together to compete in their first US open at the 1942 US Championships. The successful pair won another eight consecutive doubles titles at Forest Hills until 1950 which went down as the longest championship run in history in any event at any Grand Slam tournament!

Brough and duPont took a small break from the US Championships in the years of 1951 – 1952 but in 1953, they returned to extend their record match winning streak to 41. At the end of it all, their career record as a team at the US Championships was an astounding 58–2, being able to capture the titles 12 of the 14 times they entered the tournament and losing only five sets in those 14 years.

These two women have not entered the Tennis Hall of Fame and will forever be remembered as the most dominant women’s doubles duo in the history of the US Open, if not all tournaments.

US Open Mixed Doubles Winners since 2000

YearNat Champions Nat Runners-up
2000ESP Arantxa VicarioRUS Anna Kournikova
US Jared PalmerBEL Max Mirnyi
2001AUS Rennae StubbsUS Lisa Raymond
AUS Todd WoodbridgeIND Leander Paes
2002US Lisa RaymondSLOKatarina Srebotnik
US Mike BryanUS Bob Bryan
2003SLOKatarina SrebotnikRUS Lina Krasnoroutskaya
US Bob BryanCAN Daniel Nestor
2004RUS Vera ZvonarevaAUS Alicia Molik
US Bob BryanAUS Todd Woodbridge
2005SLO Daniela HantuchováSLO Katarina Srebotnik
IND Mahesh BhupathiYUG Nenad Zimonjić
2006US Martina NavratilovaCZE Květa Peschke
US Bob BryanCZE Martin Damm
2007BEL Victoria AzarenkaUS Meghann Shaughnessy
BEL Max MirnyiIND Leander Paes
2008ZIM Cara BlackUS Liezel Huber
IND Leander PaesUK Jamie Murray
2009US Carly GullicksonZIM Cara Black
US Travis ParrotIND Leander Paes
2010US Liezel HuberCZEKvěta Peschke
US Bob BryanPAKAisam-ul-Haq Qureshi
2011US Melanie OudinARG Gisela Dulko
US Jack SockARG Eduardo Schwank
2012RUS Ekaterina MakarovaCZE Květa Peschke
BRA Bruno SoaresPOL Marcin Matkowski
2013CZE Andrea HlaváčkováUS Abigail Spears
BEL Max Mirnyi MEX Santiago González
2014IND Sania MirzaUS Abigail Spears
BRA Bruno Soares MEX Santiago González
2015SWI Martina HingisUS Bethanie Mattek-Sands
IND Leander PaesUS Sam Querrey

Other Records

Men’s Open Era:

Winner of most Championships (total: singles, men’s doubles, mixed doubles)
Bob Bryan from the United States: with 9 US Open titles.

2003–2014 (5 men’s doubles, 4 mixed doubles)

Youngest Winner: Pete Sampras of the United States: at the age of 19 years and 1 month

Oldest Winner: William Larned of the United States: at the age of 38 years and 8 months

Women’s Open Era:

Winner of most Championships (total: singles, men’s doubles, mixed doubles)
Martina Navratilova from the United States: with 16 US Open titles.

1977–2006 (4 singles, 9 women’s doubles, 3 mixed doubles)

Youngest Winner: Tracy Austin from the United States: at the age of 16 years and 8 months.

Oldest Winner: Molla Bjurstedt Mallory from the United States: at the age of 42 years and 5 months.



US Open 2017 Schedule

The US Open 2017 is set to commence on the 22nd of August 2017 and will finish by the 10th of September. The Men’s and Women’s first rounds will commence on the 30th of August.

The full schedule of the tournament can be found below:

Tuesday 22nd August, 2017

11:00 AM – Qualifying Tournament

Wednesday 23rd August, 2017
11:00 AM – Qualifying Tournament

Thursday 24th August, 2017
11:00 AM – Qualifying Tournament

Friday 25th August, 2017
11:00 AM – Qualifying Tournament

Saturday 26th August, 2017
9:30 AM – Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day

Monday 28th August, 2017
Day – 11:00 AM – Men’s & Women’s 1st Round
Night – 7:00 PM – Men’s & Women’s 1st Round

Tuesday 29th August, 2017

Day – 11:00 AM – Men’s & Women’s 1st Round
Night – 7:00 PM – Men’s & Women’s 1st Round

Wednesday 30th August, 2017

Day – 11:00 AM – Men’s 1st Round/Women’s 2nd Round
Night – 7:00 PM – Men’s 2nd Round/Women’s 2nd Round

Thursday August 31st, 2017

Day – 11:00 AM – Men’s 2nd Round/Women’s 2nd Round
Night – 7:00 PM – Men’s 2nd Round/Women’s 2nd Round

Friday September 1st, 2017

Day – 11:00 AM – Men’s 2nd Round/Women’s 3rd Round
Night – 7:00 PM – Men’s 2nd Round/Women’s 3rd Round

Saturday September 2nd, 2017

Day – 11:00 AM – Men’s 3rd Round/Women’s 3rd Round
Night – 7:00 PM – Men’s 3rd Round/Women’s 3rd Round

Sunday September 3rd, 2017

Day – 11:00 AM – Men’s 3rd Round/Women’s 4th Round
Night – 7:00 PM – Men’s 3rd Round/Women’s 4th Round

Monday September 4th, 2017

Day – 11:00 AM – Men’s 4th Round/Women’s 4th Round
Night – 7:00 PM – Men’s 4th Round/Women’s 4th Round

Tuesday September 5th, 2017

Day – 11:00 AM – Men’s 4th Round/Women’s Quarterfinals
Night – 7:00 PM – Men’s Fourth Round/Women’s Quarterfinals

Wednesday September 6th, 2017

Day – 11:00 AM – Men’s Quarterfinals/Women’s Quarterfinals
Night – 7:00 PM – Men’s Quarterfinals/Women’s Quarterfinals

Thursday September 7th, 2017

TBD – Women’s Semi finals

Friday September 8th, 2017

TBD – Men’s Semi finals

Saturday September 9th, 2017

TBD – Women’s Singles Final

Sunday September 10th, 2017

TDB – Men’s Singles Final

Tickets Available for US Open 2017

Ticket sales for the US Open 2017 can already be made on the US Open website. Deposits can be made for the full series starting from Monday the 28th August and going on until Sunday the 10th of September as well as the first week, opening sessions, evening sessions, pre-holiday, holiday weekend, holiday evening and the championship week.

The following tickets are available for booking currently on the US Open Website:

Full Series28th August to 10th September$200 Deposit
First Week28th August to 1st September $100 Deposit
Opening Sessions28th August to 30th August$100 Deposit
Evening Sessions28th August to 10th September$100 Deposit
Pre-Holiday30th August to 1st September$100 Deposit
Holiday WeekendSeptember 1st to September 4th$100 Deposit
Holiday EveningSeptember 1st to September 4th$100 Deposit
Championship WeekSeptember 5th to September 10th$100 Deposit

· All plans, sessions, dates and times are subject to change and seating is subject to availability. A limit of 8 tickets per an account is in place, with the exception of Grandstand where the limit is 4 tickets.

Group Sales

Special group rates are available for viewers who buy tickets in bulk. The minimum number of viewers that qualify for the group rates is 25 people.

The main advantages of group tickets are:

  • There is no service charge per a ticket. Individual tickets will apply service fees.
  • Group representatives will help group ticket holders plan out their entire stay for the US Open
  • Group ticket holders will be given exclusive access to a hospitality area, located inside the Chase Center Hospitality Pavilion which is an ideal place to catch all the action from.
  • Air conditioned space for with comfortable seating and multiple TV monitors positioned so that you won’t miss any action.
  • Semi-private bathrooms.

If group viewers buy a day pass they are entitled to:

A complimentary soda/juice bar with stationary hors d’oeuvres stations available between 12 p.m. – 3 p.m.
The Hours of Operation for the day pass are: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. and the fee is $75 / person.

If group viewers buy an evening pass they are entitled to:

The Complimentary soda/juice bar with stationary hors d’oeuvres stations.
The hours of operation of the evening pass: 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. and the fee is $70 / person.

Event Cards

Event cards for the US Open 2017 can be purchased and applied to the following:

  • Any individual tickets which are purchased at the USTA Billie Jean King National Center Box Office.
  • All merchandise, food and beverages at select locations of the stadiums and grounds as well as in restaurants of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. The event cards can be used all the way through from qualifying week to the last day of the tournament.

To get yourself an event card visit:
*Conditions Apply

Travel Packages : Steve Furgal’s International Tennis Tours

As an Official Travel Partner of the United States Tennis Association and the US Open, the Steve Furgals’ International Tennis tours are an ideal way to get all your tickets and accommodation sorted out when visiting the US Open in 2017. The following tour packages are available to be booked at the moment.

Tour 1 – First Week Tennis Tour:

The tour provides you with the following to ensure you enjoy your stay at the US Open:

  • Hotel accommodations at a number of selected properties
  • Official US Open tennis tickets
  • Transfers of viewers to and from the Tournament
  • A US Open gift pack
  • All hotel taxes
  • Professional Tour Staff

4 Star Hotel with choice of the following Arthur Ashe Stadium Seating:

Area Normal PriceMember Price
Promenade Section$2,650.00$1,515.00
Loge Rows M & N Section$3,440.00$1,900.00
Loge Rows C – J Section$3,640.00$2,205.00
Loge Rows A-B Section$4,650.00$3,105.00
Courtside Box Section$5,580.00$3,280.00
Amex Center Court Club Section$5,850.00$4,500.00

If you’re looking for a 5 star hotel experience the following prices are available for the same tour:

AreaNormal PriceMember Price
Promenade Section$3,370.00$2,025.00
Loge Rows M & N Section$4,160.00$2,375.00
Loge Rows C – J Section$4,360.00$2,700.00
Loge Rows A-B Section$5,360.00$3,600.00
Courtside Box$6,300.00$3,730.00
Amex Center Court Club Section$6,500.00$5,000.00

*All prices are per person based on double occupancy*

Tour 2 – Second Week Tennis Tour:

4 Star Hotel with choice of the following Arthur Ashe Stadium Seating:

AreaNormal PriceMember Price
Promenade Section$2,850.00$1,725.00
Loge Rows M & N Section$3,420.00$2,145.00
Loge Rows C – J Section$3,620.00$2,450.00
Loge Rows A-B Section$4,620.00$3,360.00
Courtside Box Section$6,500.00$4,250.00
Amex Center Court Club Section$9,165.00$7,050.00

5 star Hotel experience:

AreaNormal PriceMember Price
Promenade Section$3,570.00$2,220.00
Loge Rows M & N Section$4,140.00$2,615.00
Loge Rows C – J Section$4,340.00$2,950.00
Loge Rows A-B Section$5,340.00$3,855.00
Courtside Box Section$7,220.00$4,650.00
Amex Center Court Club Section$9,685.00$7,450.00

*All prices are per person based on double occupancy*

Court of Champions

The Court of Champions is one of the main attraction for history lovers at the US Open. The US Open Court of Champions attraction is located between the South Plaza and Courts 10 and 13.

The US Open Court of Champions was created in order to celebrate the legacy of the greatest singles champions in the history of both the US Open and U.S. Championships from before the Open era. Inductees were selected by media from around the world and represent a wide variety of nationalities that have competed in and won the great tournament, the US Open.


The latest inductees to the Court of Champions include:

In 2014- Tony Trabert – Winner of the U.S. Championship in both 1953 and 1955, he later took on a career of broadcasting at CBS Sports.

In 2013- Monica Seles – Winner of the 1991 and 1993 US Open, Seles will forever be remembered as one of the contemporary greats of the sport.

In 2012- Andre Agassi- Winner of the US Open in 1994 and 1999, Agassi is remembered for his epic rivalry with Pete Sampras that culminated in some of the greatest US Open matches of all time.

US Open National Playoffs

The US Open National Playoffs is a series of tournaments for all tennis players who are 14 years of age or older who meets the eligibility requirements that gives them the amazing opportunity to qualify for US Open 2017.

Basically there are Sectional Qualifying Tournaments which are held in the spring that include men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. Players or teams of players may compete in a single elimination draw.
Within each singles division, players will be seeded based on their Universal Tennis Rating (UTR). In the doubles divisions however, the top 2 teams will be seeded based on their ATP/WTA computer ranking.

The winner of each Sectional Qualifying Tournament in each division is crowned the champion of the US Open National Playoffs and advances to the US Open National Playoffs Championships in their respective division. The men’s and women’s singles champions will receive a wildcard into the 2016 US Open Qualifying Tournament.

Player Eligibility

For players to be eligible they must be:

  • 14 years of age or older
  • A current USTA member maintaining their membership through 2017.
  • All players must be in good standing with the ITF, complying with WADA.

A player can only compete in one Sectional Qualifying Tournament during one calendar year in each division; this leaves players with the opportunity to compete in men’s singles or women’s singles and mixed doubles at a different Sectional Qualifying Tournaments.

Entry Fee
An entry fee is required to be paid in order to compete at the Sectional Qualifying Tournament. Last years for the 2016 Sectional tournaments were as follows, the 2017 tournament will follow a similar method:

Men’s Singles$75.000 - $100.00 per player
Women’s Singles$75.000 - $100.00 per player
Men's Doubles$45.00 - $60.00 per player
Women's Doubles$45.00 - $60.00 per player
Mixed Doubles$45.00 - $60.00 per player

* Note that this entry fee doesn’t include any processing fees. A player’s entry fee will only be processed if they are accepted into the tournament.

US Open Green Initiative

The US Open’s green initiative takes great pride in their decade long green initiative which involves recycling of garbage at the tournament to composting to the energy management of the stadiums. The organizers work in conjunction with eco evolutions llc, and the Green Sports Alliance, to bring the most eco friendly tournament to fans every year.
Entertaining over 700,000 fans can be quite harmful to the environment if gone unchecked. The US Open ensures that they take every precaution in reducing their footprint. Expect, the US open to only get greener as years go on and technology becomes better.

US Open Subscribers and Website

To keep up with the news and events of the US Open 2017 and make sure you have all the requisite information to make top bets with US Open odds make sure you subscribe to the US Open.
Fans may subscribe by entering their e-mail address at the US Open Official Website. They will receive monthly newsletters leading up to the 2017 tournament. Enthusiasts may also follow the action on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #USOPEN.

The US Open Website has a complete a thorough analysis of all the games, as well as up to the date tennis scores and highlights for all avid fans. Commemorative tennis balls and tennis racquets are available to be purchase at the store on the US Open website. The Shop is also great for purchasing clothing such as shirt, caps, sweaters, visors and other novelty items. With and easy and secure online purchasing software fans can have their favorite gear delivered right to their doorstep within a few days.
The history of the great tournament can also be found in the archives of the website with US Open results that date back all the way to the inception of the tournament.


The US Open is one of the top sporting events in tennis. It’s one of the 4 grand slams which all the top players in the world are aiming for. There is no doubt that the US Open 2017 will be just as good as the ones before it. In fact with a rise in attendance and prize pool money even more will be on the line in 2017.

Expect all the top players to make a deep run in the tournament. With the eminent return of Roger Federer, it may be a last gasp for a grand slam title next year at the US Open 2017. Expect Novak Djokovic to keep playing at the top level he has in the past few years and to go into the tournament a favorite barring an injury.

The women’s game will see Serena and Venus Williams in their final few years at the US Open as well. These two will always be a threat to take home the title. Serena will likely be the favourite again next year, as she was in 2016.

With your new found knowledge of the history of the US Open and the US Open odds for 2017, better may make some well educated bets into the tournament. With lots of close matchups in the 2017 tournament expect the US Open odds on certain key matchups to be very favorable if bet on correctly.